Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Djarum Black MOTODIFY (DBM) SOLO 2010

Djarum Black MOTODIFY (DBM) to appear again in the midst of the lovers of motor modifications, having visited the city of Pontianak few weeks ago now Solo's time that the center of attention as well as a silent witness performances DBM 2010. Taking the same location as last year ie Diamond Solo Convention Center DBM carpet of 2010, since this city was visited four times so all the preparations go smoothly without any difficulty.

"To prepare himself for this fourth year we've more or less to socialize before the event, the modifiers are also to participate Djarum Black MOTODIFY," said Wibisono Faliq as vice chairman of the organizers of Komuika Enterprise. Besides promoting the event DBM through socialization it also held a motorcycle convoy to several locations in the city of Solo crowd almost the same as the implementation of DBM in other cities.

With the help of local EO named Comet pro who has towed the organizers since the event which lasted for 2 days from Saturday to Sunday (23-24/10) seemed to have learned from experience last year so for the motor arrangement arranged in such a way that there is room large enough for penggunjung. For information, last year the organizers and participants flooded the more impressive the number of visitors during the two-day event totaled more than 3000 people.

From the latest data that we receive the number of participants put forward modifications to number around 285 motor, which is in line with the target of the organizers, while for visitors it targets over 3000. "In general do we target for over two hundred participants, and for audiences above 3000 for 2 days," said Wibisono Faliq Faliq familiar greeting.

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