Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Satria Fu new fast record

Suzuki Raider 150CC / Satria Fu - Small but Fast Motorcycle

The 150CC Suzuki Motorcycles with DOCH engine,  this Suzuki light motorcycles is fast !! a lot of people used this bike for their daily activity in the city, small design but fast enough for all. I know this motorbike is not have a lot of specially features, but DOCH engine was supprise me, want to get 100kmh? it's easy with Suzuki Raider and also called Satria Fu150.

Suzuki Raider 150CC / Satria Fu
Look at the picture, is it small motorcycle right?
For speed freak and speed lover, The Suzuki 150 also used for drag race, the standard max speed can up to 130kmh-140kmh, it's defending the rider who ride this motobike.

Why Suzuki not sell this features bike in super sport bike design? I thing the problem is prices, guys.. not all of people want to ride the full fairing motorcycles, it's not easy to ride in the city, so.. Suzuki is right, sometime, i saw this bike in the way, I thing it's okay, not problem with the design, and the most important is speed and also performance, see at Suzuki Satria Fu 150CC specification. So.. if you find this bike on the way, don't angry please if the rider was supprise you with the speed and power..

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