Sunday, May 29, 2011

twofers from GoAwayGarage

These two aren't the same make, but they are nearly the same design. Close enough

And this is a threefer, but who's counting? road train, not a steam tractor... very similar though

Homeless RV and chaise lounge chair

This is the Shamrockaway, before and after 40 years of use and neglect for a writeup on it

a 1924 Scott Super Squirrel above, below is the 1926 that Von Dutch restored and lettered for Steve McQueen

There was a lot of work to make a wheeled vehicle from this pre 1960's cabin cruiser

How about this... I'd love to see this in motion because I woder if those back wheels power slide like they did on Big Wheels... it was made by the Parker Brothers

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