Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cool Corvette

Morris Minor hubcap guitar and Seasick Steve on Top Gear, cut to minute 5:50

And if you are impressed with his bit of music, you'll be blown away with waht he can do with a one string diddley-bow. A 2x4 and and amp, that's about it. He's got the music in him, and that is all he needs.

JAP GN, I know nothing about it because it looks so cool, and that is enough for me for now

Most of the images are from but I found 2 of these last Feb and hadn't seen anything til now

I'm now adding photos to Tumblr.

we'll see if this is a good idea or takes too much time

Murray Pfaff and friends radically customized a 59 Imperial

The original was in extremely good condition, but it's not that good looking. There is an enormous improvement in the headlight and grill area

very odd proportions, but fun to look at
and it's amazing to see from the bottom most diagram of where the cuts were made, and how the jigsaw puzzle of pieces came together to keep the body lines, just move the bumpers closer together
images from and

Barracuda trivia stats, for the most desireable optioned ones, shaker hood, convertible, billboard stripes, 4 speed stick shift

in 1970 there were 29 convertibles with the 440 six pack, and 8 had the shaker hoodscoop
in 1971 there were 11 Hemi Cuda convertibles, and 5 had 4 speeds

The auction effect on value when the car doesn't sell

An R model '65 Shelby Gt 350 Mustang has been bouncing from auction to auction and has had bids from 1 million, down to $475,000 and isn't selling. The owner must have wasted a lot of money on auction house fees, and isn't through bleeding money in hopes of selling at a profit. It's going up at auction again this August at Russo and Steele,

Car #530.... one of only 35 produced (1 of 25 still remaining) was shipped to Lima Peru on 7/29/66 and raced extensively on the South American circuit. It was the South American Champion in it's class and the Peruvian National Champion in the late 60's.

Raced by purchaser Bratzo Vicich, the car was the South American Class Champion during the late 1960s as well as the Peruvian National Champion as late as 1973. A second South American owned the car and ran it actively until 1980. Returning to the United States in 1984 in the care of George Stauffer, the car has had numerous American owners since and was campaigned with the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association with whom it has a permanent medallion as well as other well-known sanctioning bodies. Restored not long ago by Kurt Vogt of Cobra Automotive and in a museum for a number of years

image from who for an unknown reason is trying to sell the car before the auction

18 spline "Hemi" 833 Mopar transmissions have just been blessed by Passon Performance, overdrive without changing your case, no mods to case or car for the info, but in a nutshell, here's the good news

21% decrease in rpm in each gear
Stronger than the factory 4 speed
can be swapped into your 833 case with nothing more than a gasket set
$1800 for the kit, $3000 for a complete trans already converted

And you don't have to change anything on the car, not the shifter location, the trans tunnel, the driveshaft.. nothing needs any changes outside of the transmission

the authentication sources online to get the nitty gritty down low on your muscle car

From Musclecar Review, May 2011 issue. Like I've said about this and other magazines I subscribe to, you need them, they are fan damn tastic, and incredible resources

Click on image for full size

If you have a classic Chevy musclecar, and didn't get the build or broadcast sheet, dealer window sticker, protecto plate, a perfect replicas are here

Darrell Davis, the guru of the Max Wedge 416 and 413

If there is anything you need to learn, know, or research about the Max Wedge motors, you just need to buy the right book that Darrell has written. you can find them at and they are very limited print runs, the Max Wedge cars by serial numbers book had only 200 copies printed

Lots of data and cross referencing, like the number of Max Wedge Polaras, number of MW Polara 500 Convertibles, or MW Polara 330 station wagons. Just one.

least known way to score a Ferrari engine

Buy a Lancia Stratos. It had a 2.4 liter V6 Ferrari engine. Bertone coachbuilt the bodies.

It won the World Rally Championship 3 times.

They only made 500 for public sale

The Lancia 037 won the World Rally Championship, beating the Audi Quattro, and was the last 2 wheel drive to win the championship

The Lancia Fima 8.32 had the Ferrari V8 from the Ferrari Mondail and 308 . It was a 3.0 liter though, and he body was by PininFarina

Or if someone should stumble over a lost ASA 1000 Gt. Not going to happen, they were very very rare and were only built from 1963 to 1966. They cost 40% more than the nearest competitive car, the Alfa Giulia Sprint

Munsters drag race game

Images from an Ebay auction that wants 320 dollars for this 1965 game

Plymouth drag race game, dealership promotional toy game

Above images from an Ebay auction that did not get any bids, and the reserve was 79 dollars. 1/2 the next least expensive one I have seen. Achef-half

above images from

above images from

These were sold at Plymouth dealerships in 1968 and perhaps 1969 as well. They were also sold, from what I understand at the traveling performance clinics given by the late great Ronnie Sox.

images from

This drag racing game was given out as a promo by Chrysler-Plymouth. It features cars from the 1968 model line.
The components include six plastic cars (two Barracudas, two Road Runners, two GTXs), three sets of cards (18 for each car type), and plastic pegs. Instructions are printed on the back of the board.
The game features photos of drag racing drivers Buddy Martin and Ronnie Sox. The box cover photo shows the Sox & Martin GTX.

One is for sale on Ebay, and that seller thinks someone needs to part with close to 200 dollars for a board game they'll never play, but sit on a display that no one will likely look at, and won't be allowed to touch. 200? Ludicrous

There are some of these for sale on Craigslist, ebay, etc etc.. and none of them were ever played with, all are NOS, untouched... and they likely will never get used ever.